Toro Protection Plus

Protect Your Investment.
Stabilize Your Budget.

Toro Protection Plus is comprehensive protection for new Toro commercial equipment. The coverage is essentially the same as with the standard two-year Toro warranty and provides extensive protection against mechanical breakdown beyond the warranty period. Like the Toro Warranty, TPP does not cover normal maintenance, wear items, abuse or physical damage due to accidents, weather, etc.

Toro Protection Plus provides seamless coverage – whenever the Toro Warranty expires (either after two years or because the total hours have been reached) TPP is there to continue coverage against mechanical breakdowns.

Toro Protection Plus Pre-Owned

Toro Protection Plus Pre-Owned

Buy with confidence. Get peace of mind.

Toro Protection Plus Pre-Owned is drive train protection for used Toro commercial equipment. The Drive Train Plan covers mechanical failures on a machine’s drive train: engine, transmission/transaxle and final drive assemblies…those components often the most expensive to repair or replace.

TPP Pre-Owned relieves your customers of many of the worries of buying used equipment. They can buy with confidence, knowing that the TPP Pre-Owned plan will protect them from the expense of unexpected mechanical breakdowns. In order to qualify for coverage, each unit must pass a lubricant analysis test that highlights and rejects equipment with problems. TPP Pre-Owned lets your customers buy with confidence.

Your customers can protect all of their out-of-warranty Toro commercial equipment with TPP Pre-Owned and get the peace of mind that comes with knowing that an unexpected breakdown won’t wreak havoc on the budget.

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TPP and TPP PreOwned plans are now available worldwide!

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